Friday, May 13, 2011

Origamic Architecture

So we have another family learning project with Ry, this time a lapbook on a planet.  He's chosen Saturn.  He is fairly determined that he will have a pop-up/pop-out of the planet, which while definitely a creative idea, is a tad beyond my knowledge.  So while I was cruising round the internet looking for instructions on how to achieve a planetary pop-up I came across the most amazing site.

(click on the origamic architecture link in the first paragraph)

How awesome is that???  The site's bilingual, so don't worry if you find yourself staring at a bunch of French (unless of course you read French, which is a bonus for you, now isn't it?) just scroll until you find the English parts.  There's a ton of instructions on how to do these, it's basically a .pdf page that has all your cut and fold lines marked (cut the solids, fold the dashed).  It really can't get much simpler than that I think.  

So go have fun and make some awesome pop-out art.

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Belle said...

That is very cool! I'm going to check it out.