Monday, February 26, 2007

YAY!!!!!!!!!! i recieved my swap package ^_^

here's what i sent (and a close up of my cross stitch, i was sad to see it go :(

a bag, a round box, marble magnets, earings, and a needle book. she was really into the manga Kimi Wa Petto.
and what i recieved:

2 kanzashi hair clips and this cute kanzashi pin ^_^ a purple purse with Plum from Chobits embroidered on it, and a cross stitch pillow case.
best swap ever.

Friday, February 23, 2007

The ugly blanket

slooooooooowly getting there...

Thursday, February 22, 2007

yay for gloves!

i finished the gloves for gram, yay!

the original pattern: ~~~~~~~~~and the modified pattern:




Friday, February 02, 2007


i went to a quilting bee today :-) it was a week long thing, they were quilting a flying geese quilt to raffle off for a charity. i put in about an hour or so on wednesday, and went back today for another 5 hours. i was the youngest one there, no shock. the head lady said i had beautiful stitches :-D they do this about once a year, so i think i'll go back next year if i can. it was fun, but my fingers are sooooo sore.

i have about 15 hexagons (6 sided, right?) done for my blanket. 1 skein makes about 4/5 hexagons, so that's not too bad. it's definitly gonna take longer than i thought to do.

i have one pair of gloves done for my grandma. it's a fingerless pattern, but i altered it a bit so that the thumb is a bit more covered than it was originally. the pair i made her last year were somewhat short, so i'm making this new pair longer, so it'll cover a bit past her wrists.