Sunday, November 22, 2009

Gobble Gobble Gobble!

Ry's family project was to make a turkey to carry in the Turkey Day Parade.  We asked him what he wanted it to look like and he said he wanted lots of feathers and a pinecone. We were a little stumped at first, a pine cone is so small this was supposed to be a decent sized project. Then my sis got a brilliant idea- disassemble a pinecone and use creat a huge pinecone. So we did.

We gave Ry a grocery size paper bag and had him stuff it with newspapers, which we then taped shut and somewhat squashed/molded into an oval-ish shape.  We all sat and took apart pinecones, and hot glued them on strips of ribbon that covered all but the bottom of the bag, working back to front. This took FOREVER.

Then Ry helped draw the turkey head/neck on a piece of cardboard, we had to cut it out since it proved to be a little to thick for him. then he wrapped it in strips of batting and I sewed the brown fabric and yellow felt to it.  He cut out the waddle and glued it on, along with the wiggly eyes.  We then miraculously managed to glue/tape it to the bag.  The legs were 3 extra thick pipecleaners twisted together and glued/taped to the underside.

We hot glued the feathers on last, he handed them to us one at a time since we didn't want him to burn himself.  Then he cut out the wings and wedged them into the pinecones.

I think it turned out rather cute : )