Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Pyramid Cake

My brother is a rather adventurous sort, and each year he tries to outdo his birthday cake from the year before.  This year was a pyramid cake.  It was delicious, german chocolate. Yum! 

Pics of the progress:

Baked 3 9x9 square cakes, lopped off the curved top

Tops lopped and prepared to be frosted
Frosted! Layer the cakes, frosting only on the bottom and middle cake!
Carefully cut at an angle down the front of the cake, then the back
Frost the top layer and add the pieces you cut off, frosting between the two added pieces as well.  Confused?  Imagine the new top 3 layers as a door on a hinge, rotate it down and you can see how you cut it off the original square cake : )
Top view...almost there!
Now we have to cut the sides to make it a pyramid instead of a prism.  Discard these pieces, or save them to eat later : )
Frost the heck outta that cake!
It was very crumbly from all that cutting...if you're good with fondant I think that might look nicer lol
Add the candles...
Top view, 6 on each side, one at the point on top : )
Make a wish and blow those candles out fast!