Thursday, November 30, 2006

mmmm...fresh pine

we went to the tree farm yesterday and got us a tree! :) we didn't notice until we got home though, that the thing has 2 trunks. who'da thought? if you stand in front of it, it's beautiful. if you stand to the side, it looks like it's about to fall over :P and ryan (nephew) bought a tree. it's this pitiful 3 ft high tree, if it's even that tall. told him he could chop down a little tree for himself, so he picks this thing that has like 5 branches. cute. we told him to find something bigger. he starts crying and says he doesn't want mommy to get poor buying a big tree. we had to hide the laughter :) we finally convinced him to get a bigger tree. not much better, but it's bigger.

my tree is all done :D i just need to figue out how the heck to take a decent picture of it.

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