Thursday, March 08, 2007

the start of something big...

today I'm building. I've never built before, so this is all new. a few weeks back, while playing with Ryan, I came to the conclusion that his sandbox was small. too small. I remember growing up with a sandbox that could easily hold 8 kids with plenty of play room. he has a turtle. a green plastic thing that they sell for like $20 and holds one SMALL child. so i went all out, and bought him wood for a sandbox. a huge sandbox. okay, maybe not huge, but a heck of a lot bigger than what he currently has. i drew up plans, got some 2x12x8's and had at it.

I would like to mention the joy of having brothers. I explain what I'm doing, say I'm completely capable of doing it myself, and ask for help getting the tools out. before I know it, they've basically taken over, only pausing long enough to ask me for measurements. so thank you brothers. without you I'd still be sweltering in the heat trying to get it finished.

anyways, all that's left now is to dig up the area so we can secure the box a few inches below the ground line and then fill it with sand. not bad for an afternoon project.

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