Monday, January 14, 2008


My Stitch'nBitch 2008 calendar has arrived!!! My DS cover is on Jan. 18 ^^ I had kinda hoped it would be in Dec., closer to my b-day, but whatever ^^


rachel iufer said...

i found your blog today because of the SnB calender! the nintendo cozy is awesome, nice work!

Jessica N. said...

I love your DS cosy! I'm still a beginner knitter, but once I learn how to do cables and all that jazz I will definitely be making this for my DS :)

annabell said...

Hi. The DS cozy is super cute. My son begged me to start making it, which was an easy Yes!!
Anyway, I think there is a discrepancy between the chart and the directions. Rows 3 and 7 have the single cables reversed between the directions and the chart. I thought i might be reading the chart backwards but the two Ks before the double cable told me no.

Jane said...

Is this for a ds lite or a ds fat? I"m making it for my lite and it seems a bit big...

Simply said...

rachel - thanks!

jessica - cables are soooo easy when you get the hang of them. I was terrified of them and use to bypass any pattern with cables. I'm so glad I finally learned how to do them :)

annabell - I honestly don't do charts, so the publishing people provided it. the written directions are the ones I used. the chart appears to reverse the direction of the two side cables. I'd say use which ever one you'd be more comfortable with. if you need to picture how the chart would look, just imagine the left cable on the right and the right cable on the left.

jane - I had made this pattern before the ds lites came out, so it's for the old one. however, i've had this on both and it fits the lite as well. on the old one it's a bit snug, so if you want it to be snug on the lite as well try casting on 34 sts instead. the sides are moss stitch, so take off 2 sts from each end to even it out.