Thursday, April 07, 2011

F is for Film

Isn't film awesome?  By film I mean photographs, you know, back in the day when you had to buy film and had 24 pictures at a time to carefully use?  Unless you're extremely young, you remember 35mm film, and if you're a nerd like me, you can read a bit about it here.  Inevitably you would find out when you finally took it in to be developed that some were blurry or had a thumb in the corner, or you had accidentally taken a picture of your feet or chopped off someone's head?  If you can't tell I'm rather ecstatic to have digital cameras now, so those mess ups don't cost me money and I usually end up with a somewhat perfect picture to preserve the moment.

But back to film!  Have you ever stopped to think about how lucky you are to be around in the time of film? We tend to think that things we use every day have been around forever, but in reality?  The first person in my family to have their photograph taken was my great-grandmother at age nine.  It was a some-what family portrait of her with her sisters.  When was your first photo? I'm guessing most of us had amassed numerous photos before our first birthday.  And think of the memories preserved!  Can you remember exactly what someone looked like 5, 10, 20 years ago?  Film has let us remember all the things that once were, whether we were there personally to experience them or not.

My grandma around the age of 6

My grandpa around the age of 8


Elise said...

Great post :) I have treasured photos of ancestors from around the Civil War era. My dad was big into photography and even had a photo lab set up in the house. To stand over the tray and watch the white sheet of paper slowly reveal an image was magic to me. An art almost lost with technology.

About Mags Treanor said...

Amazing photos, so timeless, aren't they? I tend not to take a lot of pictures because I prefer the 35mm roll that lives in my head. I always feel emotional looking at pics, cos it just highlights the transient nature of our lives.