Monday, April 11, 2011

H is for Haiku

It took for eeeever to think up an H word, and I'm still a day behind.

So a haiku is a type of Japanese poetry that when translated over into English results in a 3 line poem of 5/7/5 syllables.  Sounds pretty easy right?  And it is...most of the time.  I've written several over the years, every time poetry was covered in school it seemed writing one was a requirement.  Which is why I was a bit perplexed when after half a day I still had nothing.  Was I worried? No! After all, I have the internet and am well versed in the ways of google.

So I present to you a haiku generator! Tada!  It randomly puts together lines of 5/7/5 so some...okay most...of the hiaku's generated will leave you a tad confused.  At least I was.  So I took the 5/7/5's that I liked (some are just too weird lol) and mashed them together to make my own haiku's

lucid dreams calling
lost in silence in her eyes
a blown kiss wanders

robins call softer
the river sleeps lost, broken
haunted dreams struck down

So go give that generator a whirl and see what crazy haiku you can come up with : )

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Belle said...

That is just so cool!