Monday, April 18, 2011

L is for Labyrinth

...and for being late. I had finally caught up and thought I was doing well!

Labyrinth is a Jim Henson movie starring David Bowie and some random girl that every fan girl wishes she could be. Why? David Bowie, for one.  The first time I watched this movie I had a serious WTH? pretty much lasted throughout the whole movie.  I put it away near the back of my movie collection and forgot about it.

The Goblins of LabyrinthFast forward a few years and I come across this book at the bookstore, The Goblins of Labyrinth, by Brian Froud.  It looked eerily familiar.  Browsing though the book I fell in love with the Labyrinth for the first time.

When I got home that night I googled the Labyrinth and spent the next few hours reading reviews, browsing fan art, and discovering the joy of fan fiction.

Fan fiction is amazing.  It's like finding that perfect story and after lamenting the fact that it's over you discover that it was only book one in a series of thousands.  It's a story lover's dream come true.

Now not all fan fiction is awesome.  Some of it will make you cringe and wonder how much the monkey with the typewriter got paid to pound this particular story out. But sometimes...sometimes you get a real gem.

If you're not already familiar with the Labyrinth, I would suggest you watch the movie first, or head on over here to read the novelization.  The book is long out of print, and what few copies do come available are quickly snatched (I saw one bidded up to nearly $300) so don't feel too bad reading this free copy.

Then head on over to (movies > Labyrinth) to see the wonderful continuing stories of the Labyrinth.

Some fan fics that I love:   
(also known as the best fan fic ever!!!!)

 And the beginnings of my own late to be updated Labyrinth fanfics:

Labyrinth [Blu-ray]LabyrinthLabyrinth

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